South Park S16E07 review (funny)


Cartman has out done himself again. When a new (African American) moves to South Park, Cartman decides to play Cupid for her and Token. Unfortunately, in order to this, he outted himself and Kyle as gay lovers. Hilarity ensues as Kyle tries to figure out why all the girls are interested in going to the mall with him. This particular episode definitely steps it up with the comedy. All these issues are pretty serious, and they handle it all in the right way, still makes it epically funny.
Anyways, I give it a 4.4/5 rating. Pretty solid and funny.
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Game of Thrones S02E04 (Garden of Bones) Review

Fart jokes leading to epic battles. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that tactic before. I also am consistently upset with the fact that the battles are always skipped. As only a viewer, and not a reader of the series, I’m curious if this is the way it happens in the books, or it is a creative choice made by HBO and it’s producers? Already twice now we’ve skipped over epic battles, only left with a hazy fog and trying to figure out the puzzle with the few pieces we are given. It’s an interesting storytelling choice, and it works for the most part.
After the battle we have the beating of the future queen, with Tyrian saving the day again! His comedic relief and sense of ironic honor is what keeps me so interested in his character development, and the show in general.
King Joffrey’s insanity follows him into the bedroom, where I won’t go in to much detail, but it definitely makes the hatred for him even larger.
Overall, we find the characters in an interesting place. Some know what they have to do to become the king, others know what to do, but do not want the responsibility of the “iron throne.” We often find ourselves wanting to change something about society and the way of life, but taking that responsibility is what separates the wolves from the sheep. It is easy to empathize with all of the Starks and hate the Lanisters, but I see the similarities between the families every now and then. It makes the dynamics of morality all the more interesting. You also get to see an epic cliff hanger ending! Must watch.
The whole episode has reminded me of the epicness of this show, bravo!
4.2/5 “The thirteen have spoken!”
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Game of Thrones S02E03 Review

A game. That’s all life is to some of the characters in this show. Using people as pawns to further their odds at becoming king. The whole kingdom itself is in a weird state of suspension right now. While Geoffrey is technically king, nobody that matters will pledge allegiance to him.
A brother and a sister battling for a father’s affection by fighting on ships is epic and a great metaphor: I’m just having a hard time equating it to my life. The only time my sister and i battled for our dad’s attention we didn’t kill fisherman we’d simply have handstand competitions. On rare occasions we’d even see could hold their breath the longest in the pool.
We also see the fallen king’s younger brother wrestling with the prospect of becoming king, and preparing for battle, while he himself has never seen war before. He is also struggling with his homosexuality, which helps ensue some awkward propositions.
Tyrion still is one of my favorite characters as he waddles around trying to find a way to make his whore acceptable in the kingdom. As this unfolds, so do other character relationships begin to connect better. Just makes me more excited for next week! “I’ve always hated crossbows, take too long to load!”
4/5 Jiggawatts
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Next review will be “cabin in the woods.”

South Park episode review S16E05

Professor Chaos has finally met his match…

With his very first bully! Tonight’s episode had a lot of tongue in cheek humor, calling attention to some of the ironic and hypocritical people who want to call attention to problems in our world; yet they still have a lot to gain on a personal level if it is successful.
The KONY 2012 campaign comes to mind, and is still ripe for parody. Here is hoping South Park tackles it sometime this season. This episode deals with bullying and the people who profit from the movie. All of this happening while Butters is ruthlessly being abused by his bully with some gross harassments, including the very innovative,”gummy bear.”
This particular episode was pretty funny, but had some slow plot points and not enough pay offs for me. All in all, I’d give it a 3/5.
Oh, it also has a hilarious music video at the end during the credits, all taking place in sunny San Diego! Luckily, no “girls singing about their vajayjay.”

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 2 Mini review

More plotting, scheming and sex scenes. All done with some of the most best acting I’ve seen in any other show. This is why I love this series. The characters are relentlessly weaving webs, and there are now five people looking to steal the thrown ,”I’ve lost count,” as the queen regent says.
In this episode we find our characters spreading to even more corners of the world to figure out the best way to take the thrown, there is so much going on, that sometimes you forget who is who and what they are doing, and for what reasons.
No matter what, you always find yourself rooting for the Starks and always against the Lanisters. All in all, definitely was a step up from last week’s episode as we are more in tune with the characters now. Of course more action and sex is shown, and for that I give this episode a 4/5. All hail King Geoffrey, the baby killer!
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American Reunion Review 04/08/12

American Reunion is the fourth movie in the American Pie series(I refuse to include the direct to DVD movies in this). It focuses on the high school reunion of the East Great Falls class of 99 and all of the shenanigans that our characters go through.

This franchise holds a special place in my heart. While the characters were always a few grades ahead of me growing up, it has definitely gotten better with age and I have gone through, and still am going through, a lot of what these characters have and that resonates with me. This movie is no different and it shows how these characters have grown up.

One of the things this movie does right is that it makes many nods to the previous movies before it. Whether it be Jim using his “tube sock” for fun, or the characters reminiscing about events past, it was great to see them acknowledge it.  What was interesting is that the movie does indeed take place in 2012, 13 years after their graduation. However, it is answered pretty quickly why it’s taking place 13 years later so it was nice to see that put to bed early.

The beginning of the movie was a little awkward. It took about 20 minutes to get re-acquainted to the characters and their relationships. The other gripe with the film was I wish some of the other characters had gotten more screen time but seeing them briefly was great nonetheless.

I don’t want to give away too much spoilers so I am going to end by saying that this is the perfect sequel. It had everything that a fan of the series could ask for. It had the raunchy comedy that we love these movies for and it also has the heart that the series has always carried along with it. For that reason, my score for this movie is 4.25/5 jiggawatts. Let me know what you guys and gals think! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more videos from Steven and Jake.