Brave Movie Review (On the Ride Home)

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Prometheus Movie Review (On the Couch) funny

Unfortunately we still haven’t done an “On the Ride Home” in a couple of weeks, but we do have this gem for you guys.  Guest reviewer, B Hunz is in the house with his thoughts on Prometheus. Jake weighs in also after a couple of beers each. Enjoy!

Sherlock Holmes Season 1

Wow, I just wrote a three thousand word review on this TV show and some how lost it when I accidentally pressed a couple keys in combination.  Welcome to the 21st Century where technology runs our lives.  And welcome to a century where Sherlock Holmes solves crimes from his smart phone.  Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman lead an amazing show that draws upon all of our own curiosities and ambitions in a ninety minute drama.  Times three.

The first season consists of only three episodes, that include an entire story arc.  Can you call them episodes? I don’t know, they are at least an hour and twenty five minutes long each.  Pretty much a whole movie!  With this time we are exposed to characters that we can’t possibly do in an American series.  When is the last time you actually felt for a character in an AMERICAN TV series?  I can’t think of one.  We are good on comedy, but drama, suspense, action and of course COMEDY all rolled in to one? USA is lacking in this category, so count me in.

“Sherlock” is a modern update of the classic detective stories we all know and love.  Sure we’ve seen Downey Jr’s portrayal of Sherlock, but hot damn does Cumberbatch pull it off so much better.  The vibe, pacing and overall direction is what sells me on this British series.  A man struggling to find his own niche in the world, isn’t that what we all struggle with?  That combined with human interactions is literally the basis of an existence in our own planetary journeys.  Well, Holmes finds it in his trusty sidekick, Watson, played by Martin Freeman.  I don’t even know if you could call him a sidekick.  Both of these characters work in tandem with each other in such a way, I don’t know if I could say one is more important than the other.  They both rely on one another.  Like best friends are supposed to do.

Sometimes we are weak in this life.  But we must surround ourselves with people who will make us stronger.  This whole show, at least in the first story arc, shows how important having a best friend who understands you is.  I can’t speak highly enough of this show.  Best thing to come out of Britain since the Beatles. Cheers!

4.9/5.  Maybe the second season will convince me to push it up to a 5?  Leave your comments on this thread.  Comment/subscribe/watch our other reviews!


p.s. thank God for copy and paste. This is my third time back to review it.  I’m going to start writing in Microsoft word and import it in to here.  Screw Apple mouses that take you back and wordpress for not saving your text!

PPS! if you haven’t seen our most recent video where we attempt to review movies on the car ride back to our house, here it is!

Game of Thrones (S02E05) Funny Review

Hey all! Sorry this review is a few days late, I’ve been busy with finals week! (Spoiler alert)
Last week we were left on an epic cliff hanger of a demon baby being born. This week’s episode finds us dealing with the after math of this magical spawn with a really unpredictable first scene. As a non reader of the books, which I’ve mentioned before, the pacing of the episodes unfold so nicely that I forget I’m watching a show and not a movie. This is important to note because unexpected turn events like this really bring the drama and action at a great apex during certain story arcs.
All the “backstabbing” both literally and physically is what makes this episode my favorite so far of the season. With this new black and smokey assassin running around, nobody can be sure who to trust.
At King’s landing we find Tyrian plotting, er, um-scheming how to prevent an attack from Stannis.
The war is getting good, and as a viewer I’m on the edge of my seat.
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