Snow White and the Huntsman Review (NOT ON THE RIDE HOME UNFORTUNATELY)

This week, I (Jacob) braved the cinematic journey by myself to bring you a review of Snow White and Thor. Hope you enjoy, and comment and let us know what you thought of it!


Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 1 Mini Review

I have to be honest. I was so stoked for this Sunday night.  After watching the first season in a little under the two weeks leading up to this season premiere, my heart and head were racing for some more Game of Thrones in my life.  The suspense, the drama, the brutal reality of life in Westeros is what I needed in my life.  Unfortunately I feel like the second season premiere spent too much time on the drama aspect of it all and the brutal reality of it all was lost in the setting up of this new season.  New characters were introduced, familiar faces were seen again, and overall it was a solid episode filling us all in with what has happened since we’ve had a year to mourn over the loss of Lord Stark.

Coming back to Westeros this time around felt a little drawn out and a little too dialogue driven for me, but I trust that next episode will really ramp it up in to high gear.  All but the last couple minutes for me were really exciting.  I know that they always have their epic cliff hangers, but this felt bland to me, and although there was some serious action, it wasn’t enough for me to be nerding all over the Internet for.

Out of 5? I’d give this episode about 2.9 jigawatts.  It was almost there for me, just missed the mark a little bit, especially on how epic the trailers look for this season.  More dragons, more wolves and more blood, I say!

What are your thoughts/ratings for this episode?

(On the Ride Home) A Hunger Games Review with Jake and Steven

In our first episode of “On the Ride Home” we discuss the ins and outs of “Hunger Games” and whether or not it lives up to the $150M box office opening. What do you all think? Comments and views/likes/subscriptions on Youtube are welcome. 🙂  Tell us what you’d like us to review next!

Re uploaded it! Not much changed though!