Prometheus Movie Review (On the Couch) funny

Unfortunately we still haven’t done an “On the Ride Home” in a couple of weeks, but we do have this gem for you guys.  Guest reviewer, B Hunz is in the house with his thoughts on Prometheus. Jake weighs in also after a couple of beers each. Enjoy!


Game of Thrones S02E04 (Garden of Bones) Review

Fart jokes leading to epic battles. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that tactic before. I also am consistently upset with the fact that the battles are always skipped. As only a viewer, and not a reader of the series, I’m curious if this is the way it happens in the books, or it is a creative choice made by HBO and it’s producers? Already twice now we’ve skipped over epic battles, only left with a hazy fog and trying to figure out the puzzle with the few pieces we are given. It’s an interesting storytelling choice, and it works for the most part.
After the battle we have the beating of the future queen, with Tyrian saving the day again! His comedic relief and sense of ironic honor is what keeps me so interested in his character development, and the show in general.
King Joffrey’s insanity follows him into the bedroom, where I won’t go in to much detail, but it definitely makes the hatred for him even larger.
Overall, we find the characters in an interesting place. Some know what they have to do to become the king, others know what to do, but do not want the responsibility of the “iron throne.” We often find ourselves wanting to change something about society and the way of life, but taking that responsibility is what separates the wolves from the sheep. It is easy to empathize with all of the Starks and hate the Lanisters, but I see the similarities between the families every now and then. It makes the dynamics of morality all the more interesting. You also get to see an epic cliff hanger ending! Must watch.
The whole episode has reminded me of the epicness of this show, bravo!
4.2/5 “The thirteen have spoken!”
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